Accessibility Equipment in Seattle & Tacoma, WA


Scaffolding supports construction and helps you reach high places. When you want quality scaffolding for your residential or commercial project, turn to Berg Equipment & Construction Co Inc. We handle custom scaffolding design, installation, and removal.

Aerial Lifts

Access hard-to-reach places with ease in an aerial lift. We offer several different types to fit your needs. Available with different lengths, ways of direction, and much more, an aerial lift is the perfect tool for your project.

Mast Climbers

A cost-effective alternative to scaffolding, mast climbers use a combination hoist and platform to move workers up and down. Learn how a mast climber can work for your project.


Reach high places with the help of a forklift. You can choose from forklifts, material lifts, scissor lifts, and much more. They are available for rental or purchase. Just let us know what you need.


Brace your construction with the magic of shoring. Whether for a foundation or to hold ongoing construction, we have the systems to help your construction go smoothly.

Event Staging and Bleachers

Whether it's for a concert, a sports game, or a wedding, Berg Equipment & Scaffolding Co Inc. can easily assemble, set up, and take down what you need for staging, seating, and bleachers. We're experienced with everything from tents to multiple stages.

Call to learn more at 206-938-5009 (Seattle) or 253-383-2035 (Tacoma).