Shoring in Seattle & Tacoma, WA

BESCO has shoring systems for horizontal applications as well as vertical shoring. All shoring systems can be designed to meet your requirements. All jobs are finished with detailed drawings to assist the customer with layout and loading specifications. Call for additional information at 1-800-661-4310.


  • Low cost.
  • Light weight, aluminum/steel construction.
  • Folding, versatile, quick installation and removal.
  • Trench-Jax Trench Shoring can be left installed for long periods of time without leaking fluid or retracting.
  • Minimal parts, minimal maintenance, minimal storage space needed.
  • Damage resistant parts easily replaced when necessary.
  • Designed for years of satisfactory service.
  • Durable aluminum liner panels available.

Specific Design Features of the Trench-Jax

Trench Shoring System's 3 Major components are:

  • Galvanized steel shore cylinders offer adjustable length.
  • Vertical rails are lightweight aluminum with pre-drilled holes to allow for easy installation of shore cylinders and wood backing or aluminum liner materials (wood backing not recommended for C-60 type soil).
  • Lightweight aluminum liner available for backing and recommended for use in all C-60 type soil applications.