Scaffolding Installation & Removal in Seattle & Tacoma, WA

Berg Equipment & Scaffolding Co Inc offers versatile services to residential, commercial, and industrial contractors. We work with many industries, so we can meet your needs.


Building a new home or adding onto your current home? Find the best scaffolding solution with Berg! We can custom design scaffolding for your home or simply rent or sell you the equipment you need. We also offer scaffolding installation and removal if wanted.


We are well-versed with working with industrial contractors, especially oil refineries and major construction companies. Building a new warehouse, factory, or other industrial project? Call us for the best in construction equipment, whether you want to rent or buy. We also install and remove equipment if requested.


Expanding business, opening a new business, or simply remodeling? Let us help. Rent or buy the equipment and scaffolding you need. We will come install and remove all equipment if you require that as well. This is an example sentence. 

Call for a free estimate today at either 206-938-5009 (Seattle) or 253-383-2035 (Tacoma).

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