Residential Scaffolding in Seattle & Tacoma, WA

Homeowners: You can rent scaffolding to perform the needed repairs and maintenance to your home with great savings when compared to the general rental centers. We specialize in helping you tackle those difficult to reach places at a fraction of the cost. Please note that the assembly and removal of scaffolding may not be within the capabilities of some persons. Check component weights before lifting and implement fall protection practices when working at heights.

This 20' reaching height tower, that will reach most interior and exterior painting jobs around the house rents for only $195.75 for 4/wks. This tower comes with guard rails, platforms, and wheels as shown.

This lightweight unit is great for stairways and hallways. Each end frame is independently adjustable and includes wheels. This unit rents for just $75.80/10 days.

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Multi – Purpose

Multi - Purpose

2 Hi Rolling Tower

2 Hi Rolling Tower