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Reach Forklifts

Learn how telescopic forklifts, or reach forklifts, can help you move materials easier and move around in hard terrain.

Pettibone Reach Forklifts

Differ from straight or vertical-mast forklifts in that they consist of a multiple-sectioned boom that can be lowered to pick up a load and then raised and telescoped to the height of the working area where the load is placed.

Empty pallets or containers to be replenished are retrieved in the opposite manner. They are designed for the rough-terrain environments found in construction sites. The machines are designed with large tires, four wheel drive, and power shift transmissions with three forward and reverse speeds and multiple steering modes (two wheel, four wheel, and crab). In addition, the vehicle's frame can be tilted left or right to level the vehicle and its load. The boom is equipped with automatic fork-leveling, which keeps the load level to the ground when raising or lowering and extending or retracting the boom.

C.A.T. Lifts


Ideal for confined work areas where access is limited.

  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Inventory
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Acoustical
  • Production & Special Events and Much More!

All machines feature all steel construction and a durable powder coated finish. Keyed main power switch to prevent unauthorized use. Controls at ground level as well as in the platform.

All tom...C.A.T. models offer a solid work platform, quick and easy set up due to the elimination of outriggers, and the shortest base length in their class. A tom...C.A.T. Lift is the ideal work platform for those narrow aisle and limited access applications.

Only lift of its type with powered "Base Set" feature at the push of a button
(Base Set indicator lights).

Shorter base than other marketed units—easier to maneuver in narrow aisles.

Easy access to electrical and hydraulic components.

Emergency lowering valve at base.

10', 15', and 19' machines roll through a standard doorway—24' machine rolls through a 36' doorway.

Material Lifts

Move your materials with ease. Choose from Lynx or Genie material lifts to move pallets, packaged materials, and more around a room or construction site right to where you need them to be.

Lynx Aluminum Material Lifting System (Loading Height 5")

Model Lifting Height Load Cap. Weight
Linx-6 5'4"  800 lbs  265 lbs
Linx-11 10'6"  700 lbs  330 lbs
Linx-16 15'7"  600 lbs  399 lbs

Genie Lifts Material Lifts

Model Lifting Height Load Cap. Weight
SLC12 12' 650 lbs 204
SLC18 18' 650 lbs 307
SLC24 24' 650 lbs  374