Aluminum Pole Scaffold System

Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding System

The Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding System uniquely provides the ability to work comfortably and safely at the exact height required.

• Redundant safety features.
• Rugged, pick-up truck portability.
• One-man assembly and operation is now possible.
• Stackable. Alum-A-Poles can be quickly spliced and used to a 50’ OSHA recognized maximum shoulder working height.
• Joinable horizontally and vertically to provide positive non-overlapping securement.
• Square runged aluminum staging provides superior strength.
• System packages available.

System Components


• Lifetime Warranty.
• Industrial rubber permanently mated to structural aluminum.
• Lab tested to 5,000 lbs.
• 6, 12, 18 and 24 foot lengths.



• Telescopes to 27 inches.
• Posi-grip structural aluminum frame.
• Tested to 4,000 lbs.
• Saf-T-Crank handle has self-storing and anti-spin features.
• 3 separate back-up safety systems.
• Saf-T-Lok® Chain secures staging and provides anti-theft.


• Telescopes to 27 inches
• Saf-T-Lok Chain provides anti-theft and upending securement.