Swing Staging
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The installation of metal exterior to this job in Belltown is accomplished with a Altrex Modular Stage System. The Altrex system includes guardrail and platform and is adjustable for length
Altrex Aluminum Staging
A highly flexible stage system


   1.   Side Frame - available lengths:
      0.5m (1'-10"), 1m (3'-9"), 2m (6'-9") or 3m (9'-9")

   2.   Deck - available lengths:
      0.5m (1'-10"), 1m (3'-9"), 2m (6'-9") or 3m (9'-9")

   3.   U-frame (INCLUDING 8 Quick Pins) 
   4.   Guardrail Post
   5.   End Stirrup

   6.   Guardrail - available lengths:
      0.5m (1'-10"), 1m (3'-9"), 2m (6'-9") or 3m (9'-9")

   7.   Caster Assembly
   8.   Roller Bumper
   9.   Quick Pin
   10. Walk Thru C-stirrup
   11. End Guardrail