Portable Staging System

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Imagine All Of These Capabilities
With Just One System

Tent Flooring
For functions where a solid, consistently level surface is desired for a tent application, Multi-Stage is the attractive, affordable solution.
Runway/Orchestra Pit Cover
For pageant, fashion shows, plays, ceremonies - various configurations are attainable with ease using Multi-Stage.
Sound Wings/Sound Troughs
An added advantage of the Multi-Stage system is how it adapts to meet a variety of special application requirements.
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stag09.jpg (12694 bytes) Chair Risers/Tiering Applications
The versatility of the Multi-Stage system is unmatched when a variety of platform levels are required.



  • Attractive 

  • Rugged

  • Dependable

  • Versatile

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Are built in 4 ft. x 4 ft. sections and have fully adjustable legs, stairs and guard rail are optional attractive yet rugged enough for many different types of community and social activities and events.

Adjustable Stair Packages

Multi Stage adjustable stair packages come with step stringers, stair stringer extensions, hand rail and aluminum stair planks. These stair packages offer easy access to the stage platform area and can be adjusted to fit various stage heights.

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These bleachers are lightweight, durable and designed for seating small crowds at institutions, parks, fairs, playgrounds, raceways and festivals. 5 row, dimensions: height, 4 ft., depth, 8'. Aluminum or wood seating available. Larger systems available.

8'  Section 15'  Section 21'  Section
Seats 25 Seats 45 Seats 65