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Step Frame
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Open Frame
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Ladder Frame

H Frame
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Rolling Towers



  Steel constructed frames  
  • Steel constructed frames are available in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate various applications.

  • Scaffold components feature a powder-coated finish or galvanized finish - the finest metal finishing technology available.

  • Rolling Tower and Multi-Purpose Scaffold packaged units for easy ordering.

  • A large variety of scaffold accessories available.



  Stair Towers    

Stair Towers are an efficient way to furnish temporary access to rooftops and floors when interior stairways have not been constructed.  They also can provide multiple access to large or congested jobsites where emergency exits are required.


Access Ladder System 

Access Ladder System  


  Modular Scaffold    

Picture of System Scaffold

System Scaffolds
Our Modular System Scaffolds feature Bil-jax quality, are constructed of fully galvanized, high strength steel components, and are easily assembled.
Perfect Plus Style
Unique locking horizontal and diagonal member design provides exceptional stability. Circular ring design allows the connection of up to 8 horizontal or diagonal members.
Perfect Style
Open cup design allows horizontal members to be placed at nearly any angle (up to 8 members per cup). Decking can be placed tightly against the vertical leg.
Contur Style

Open ring designed to accommodate up to eight members at 45 degrees. Wedge locks secure horizontal and diagonal members in place. "Grip Strut" stairs available also.
Component Weight
Starter Post 5 lbs
1m Vertical 12 lbs
2m Vertical 22 lbs
3m Vertical 32 lbs
3' Horizontal 9 lbs
4' Horizontal 12 lbs
5' Horizontal 14 lbs
6' Horizontal 16 lbs
7' Horizontal 20 lbs
8' Horizontal 21ibs
10' Horizontal 25 lbs
4' Diagonals 17 lbs
6' Diagonals 19 lbs
7' Diagonals 22 lbs
8' Diagonals 26 lbs
10' Diagonals 26 lbs
Leveling Legs 20 lbs
4' Steel Deck 24 lbs
6' Steel Deck 31 lbs
8' Steel Deck 40 lbs
2 Board Side Brkt 12 lbs
3 Board Side Brkt 15 lbs




^                            ^
This unit now only $187.00

Some Typical Applications Include:

  • Electrical, Painting, Finishing

  • Acoustical,  Window Cleaning

  • Sign Installation and Maintenance

  • Overhead Door Installation,  Lighting and Wiring Maintenance

  • General Building Maintenance and Much More...

29643-3.jpg (4707 bytes)

Rolls through a 30" wide doorway, platform can adjust in 2" increments, units with casters removed can be used on stairs, stacking units for additional height, features heavy duty spring activated bracing locking with no loose parts.  Guard Railing available.
Model Length Weight
STMP6-0 6' 150 lbs
STMP8-0 8' 171 lbs
STMP10-0 10' 196 lbs


    Sidewalk Scaffolding
canopy.bmp (96722 bytes) A quick and economical way to provide protection to the public in highly congested areas.


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